hand.jpg FLIP Learning that is fun for the whole family.

Are you ready to outpace your kids on the technology superhighway? That is what you are about to do with the learning style of C2Family!!

C2 Family Online uses the newest concept in learning - Flip Learning. So, while your children are sitting in class drooling on their textbooks listening to the teacher drone on about information they will soon be expected to remember for the test, C2Family uses a learning style that better fits the way we, as humans, learn!

Our Steps to an Intentional Family!

What's At Stake

Intentional Step #1

This course will move the heart of your family. Through each step Bill and Danielle Ford reveal truths founded in the very heart of God that will enable you to be a successful family.

What's The Goal

Intentional Step #2

After discovering the source of the battle, this session will begin equipping you for victory. You will learn what the true inheritance, or goal, is and how to begin preparing your family for it. Here's a hint: the goal is fruit!

Gaining Vision

Intentional Step #3

Now you are ready to take to the offense. In this session you will focus on who your family is and who they want to become.

Parenting Practicals

Intentional Step #4

It is our responsibility as parents to find the spark in our children and fan it into a flame. In this session we will equip you with many practical tools to help your children use God's gifts and help you to develop a family covenant.

God's Purpose for Family

Intentional Step #5

By design, God created family for a purpose, and there is supernatural power available to each one. In this final session you will not only discover this to be true, but you will embark on the continual journey of success and learn how to keep improving as you start family gatherings of your own.